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AGROIWATECH Streszczenie raportu

Project ID: ICA2-CT-2002-10010
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-INCO 2
Kraj: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Report on the application of the most optimal process configuration under field conditions

Based on characterization of the agro-industrial wastewaters, the wastewater from the potato industry Marbo, Backi Maglic, Serbia and Montenegro, was selected as the most suitable industry for the pilot plant investigation. UASB pilot plant reactor was dimensioned based on the wastewater characteristics and the possibilities for location of the plant in the production part of the factory.

Reactor volume, calculated based on the hydraulic loading rate, is 0.53 m3 with the height of 5.5 m giving upflow velocity of 0.5 m/h. The reactor is equipped with six sampling points and a gas-solid-liquid separation. The reactor content is heated to ca 30oC. All produced methane is collected and its volume is measured. The seed sludge should have adequate settling velocity, methanogenic activity, as well as the capability of fast adaptation (during 2-4 weeks).

As the seed sludge, the granular anaerobic sludge, developed in the IWB laboratory was used. A number of typical parameters to control reactor performance are regularly monitored (COD, VFA, pH, alkalinity, methane, influent flow, nitrogen and SS).

Reported by

Milosa Obilica, 51
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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