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Project ID: FIKR-CT-2001-00193
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP5-EAECTP C
Paese: United Kingdom

Summary report of the UK workshops held to explore decision analysis of clean-up actions in inhabited areas after an accidental release of radionuclides

The report provides a summary of three workshops held in the UK to explore the information and decision support needs of decision makers faced with choices concerning possible clean-up actions a day or two after the release. Each workshop was based on a hypothetical accident scenario in which an accidental release of radionuclides led to some off-site contamination. The scenario used was tailored to represent a nuclear site that the participants of the workshop were familiar with.

The objectives for each workshop were:
- To identify and verify the factors driving decision making in a radiological emergency situation.

- To explore the information needs of all parties involved in decision-making workshop.

- To identify the forms of strategy that relevant organisations wish to consider for recovery in inhabited areas.

Reported by

National Radiological Protection Board
OX11 0RQ
OX11 0RQ Chilton, Didcot
United Kingdom
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