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Development of PC-based IPv6 router

This result aims at developing an open high-performance IPv6 router oriented primarily to research applications. Liberouter is based on the popular PC/Un*x router platform and delivers improvements in three main areas: * performance * consistent configuration and management interface * routing daemons The performance issue has been addressed by the development of a modular set of specialised hardware cards known as the COMBO family consisting currently of COMBO6 motherboard and several alternative interface cards: 4× GE (metallic or SFP) and 2× 10GE (XFP). Performance-critical functions of the IPv6/IPv4 router data plane are being implemented as firmware for COMBO cards. The current version of COMBO6 is designed for the standard PCI bus, PCI-X and Express PCI versions are under development. Netopeer configuration system is designed as a uniform configuration interface for both PC routers and other router platforms (Cisco IOS, JUNOS) with version control. Router configurations can be transformed from native languages into a (mostly platform-independent) XML format and vice versa. XML configurations are stored in a repository based on Subversion software. For secure remote access, we intend to use an implementation of the netconf protocol. Under development is also the metaconfiguration application, which is oriented on computer-aided configuration of entire networks. The project also supports development of an open-source routing daemon, BIRD. This daemon already implements a number of unicast routing protocols (RIP, RIPng, OSPFv2, BGP-4+) and we want to add support for multicast routing (PIM-SM) and more unicast protocols, namely OSPFv3 and IS-IS.

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