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Design and deployment of production IPv6 service in University campus network and CaNLMAN (Cumbria and North Lancashire MAN)

Within the 6NET project, Lancaster University and Cisco have instigated a long term research programme that aims to exploit the concept of IPv6 network mobility using Cisco 3200 series mobile routers.

We are implementing IPv6 network mobility in three distinct user scenarios, each providing different challenges for the mobile network infrastructure. These three scenarios are:
- Remote Network Support.
- A Mobile Library and
- Mountain Rescue

Within the timeframe of the 6NET, we produced several demonstrators applicable to the user scenarios identified.

All the demonstrators were shown at the GARR IPv6 event in Pisa, May 2005 and the Mountain Rescue services demonstrator was also shown at the TERENA Networking Conference in Poznan, June 2005.

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Computer Science
Computing Department, Lancaster University
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