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Development of the Hungarian research network

The National Information Infrastructure Development (NIIF) Program serves as a framework for the development and operation of the research network in Hungary.

The NIIF Program covers the entire Hungarian academic and research community by providing them with an integrated computer networking infrastructure and, on the basis of that, a wide range of communication, information, and co-operation services, leading-edge environment for networking applications, as well as an advanced framework for content generation and provision.

The NIIF Program is based on funding from the central state budget. The development and operation of the network and the services are executed under the supervision of the Program Committee, and by the control of the Technical Committee. The Program co-operates closely with Hungarnet, the association of the user community.

The NIIF Program, in accordance ith the international practice, at the same time plays a leading edge role in the development and introduction of most advanced networking technologies in Hungary, such as IPv6. In this way, the Program fulfils a deterministic function in the nation-wide development of the information and communication technologies. While providing an up to date and competitive infrastructure for the academic and research community, the Program also serves by piloting new networking technologies and applications for the widest development efforts in the country.

The Program provides most advanced technical and application background for more than half a million users from the fields of science, education, and public offices in Hungary.

The network serves approximately seven hundred institutions throughout the country.

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