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Deployment of IPv6 multicast in our production network and offering this as an experimental service to customers

UNINETT offers IPv4 multicast to all member institutions, and also has connectivity to other multicast networks. Experiments with IPv6 multicast are also taking place. UNINETT and some members are connected to the M6Bone.

The gateway can be deployed in a IPv6 PIM-SM domain, and the entire domain will be able to use the gateway without any other modifications. The only requirement is that the gateway is known to be an RP for a /96 multicast prefix. The prefix can be chosen by the administrator deploying the gateway. The RP mapping is configured as usual; static, BSR, embeded-RP or other means throughout the domain. By domain we mean simply a convex part of the internet where every router has this RP mapping.
The IPv4 multicast space is embedded into IPv6 using this /96 prefix. The IPv4 address is simply appended to the /96 to construct the respective IPv6 multicast address. An application on a host in the domain, can send traffic to any IPv4 multicast group (might be limited by scope) a.b.c.d by sending to the respectve IPv6 group PREFIX:a.b.c.d. That is, the /96 prefix with a.b.c.d appended. The application may also join the group PREFIX:a.b.c.d to receive all IPv4 multicast sent to a.b.c.d. Also note that if multiple hosts are sending to or joining PREFIX:a.b.c.d they will be able to send to and receive from eachother as usual.

Since the gateway is the RP for the chosen /96 prefix, it will be able to receive all data sent to PREFIX:a.b.c.d so that it can resend it as IPv4 multicast to a.b.c.d. It will also know whether there are any hosts interested in receiving traffic from PREFIX:a.b.c.d. If that is the case, it will join the IPv4 group a.b.c.d and resend all traffic received from it. Note that IPv6 hosts can send without joining. And also that this allows communications in both directions, and you might have say a video conference with multiple IPv6 participants all using PREFIX:a.b.c.d and multiple IPv4 participants all using a.b.c.d. Everyone should be able to send to and/or receive from all others.

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