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A production enterprise IPv6 network deployment, deploying IPv6 alongside IPv4

At Southampton University, a large departmental network (1,500+ users with around 1,000 hosts) was deployed for the students, alongside the original IPv4 network.

Southampton has been running IPv6 since 1996, but has only in the last two years adopted IPv6 as a production service in its network. The scenario described assumes no IPv6 is deployed beforehand.

This documented result includes a review of the systems components, an overview of the current status, next steps, and also the major remaining obstacles that have been identified.

Our motivation to deploy was in support of teaching, research projects, and communication with IPv6 networks (including those used by overseas students), while also encouraging innovation from staff and students indeed already we have seen new streamed radio (Surge/Virgin1) and multicast video services (ECS-TV2) emerge.

This work has contributed to the IETF v6ops WG enterprise scenario descriptions and analysis. We have documented our campus experience in an Internet Draft [Cho04a] and also documented the IEEE 802.1q VLAN approach to introducing IPv6 [Cho04b] that has also been used at the Westfaelische Wilhelms Univerity Muenster.

This deployment also provided input regarding deployment experience for the 6NET book.

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