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Technical support and help desk for IPv6

6NET created a virtual "Help Desk" to assist network administrators and end users, particularly those in European ISPs, universities, colleges and schools, in deploying IPv6. The intention is to make the wealth of experience built up by 6NET partners available to the European community. The people behind the virtual "Help Desk": • Created a Website that conveys state of the art in IPv6 deployment, and offers visitors access to appropriate information to assist in their deployment of IPv6. • Created a Website which includes the following features: - WIKI of developments by 6NET researchers (and other registered users) - Receive RSS feed of IPv6 news from - Receive RSS feed of the latest IPv6 publications - Support a discussion forum for specific technology (hosts/routers/etc) • Pass specific technology questions to nominated subject matter experts • Attend IPv6 Workshops and Events to assist and to promote the Help Desk • Maintain the Website (adding new presentations and papers) • Interface to/assist National IPv6 Task Forces and IPv6 Forum as appropriate • Create links to - Interesting IPv6 applications - IPv6 resources - National resources Commercial enquiries are also welcome, which may lead to a further exploitation of 6NET knowledge from research to commercial deployment. The people behind the virtual "Help Desk" have built up a reputation as a virtual centre of knowledge/excellence for IPv6 deployment. The support of the service is continued through the IST-6DISS project. It was modelled on the successful formula originally used by the "JOIN" team at the Westfaelische Wilhelms University Muenster for supporting IPv6 deployment within the DFN and 6WiN networks.

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