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Brain perfusion imaging on commercially available ultrasound systems

During the UMEDS grant the iU22/iE33 premium ultrasound systems have been designed and built by Philips with unique capabilities including real-time 3D imaging using matrix transducers, integrated quantification software, and voice control.
Early in the grant the HDI-5000 was optimized for transcranial contrast imaging and evaluated by the UMEDS partners. Since the introduction of the iU22/iE33 products there have been two upgrades with contrast enhancements.

Features for cerebral-vascular ultrasound available in 2006 will include:
- Transcranial color Doppler on the S5-1 phased array with significantly better performance than the HDI 5000.

- Advanced nonlinear processing contrast capability on the S5-1 for brain perfusion in real-time.

- Contrast capability on the X3 matrix transducer which will be optimized for 3D brain perfusion.

- Color flow optimized for contrast following a perfusion study.

- Side-by-side nonlinear contrast imaging with fundamental tissue imaging.

- QLab quantification software running on system and off cart.

Real-time low MI imaging of brain perfusion through the intact skull in stroke patients is the most significant development. This capability has been clinically evaluated. It will open new avenues of clinical research and stroke care never before thought possible with ultrasound.

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