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Targeted microbubbles as ultrasound contrast agent

Up to now commercial ultrasound contrast agents are blood-pool agents, meaning they are able to give a contrast of vascular compartments and to give information about blood perfusion and perfusion defects. With targeted microbubbles as contrast agents, a number of new applications are foreseen, in particular the possibility to detect a lesion, assess the importance of the lesion, as well as monitor the efficacy of treatments of the diseased areas.

At this stage, the result described here can be used only by a research center willing to go further in the research and development process for this technology.

The main innovative feature of these ultrasound contrast agents is that they will enable a clear detection of vascular lesion (location and size) rather than derived parameters such as blood perfusion. By using them repeatedly, they will enable a monitoring of treatment and follow-up of patients. It might represent also a cost-effective alternative to other imaging techniques such as MRI or computed tomography.

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