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We will collect, develop and evaluate tools to facilitate the design, implementation, evaluation and reporting of quality improvement randomised, controlled trails (RCTs).

The tools will include:
- Guidelines for identifying barriers to quality improvement

- Guidelines for tailoring quality improvement interventions to specific barriers

- Guidelines for efficient data collection

- An interactive tool to support the design of quality improvement RCTs, including economic evaluations and process evaluations

- A sample size calculator

- A database of intra-cluster correlation coefficients

- Algorithms to help ensure the appropriate analysis of the results of quality improvement RCTs

- Standards for reporting the results of quality improvement RCTs

- Guidelines for developing and maintaining research-based quality improvement programs

The majority of these tools are packaged into a Windows Help or browser-based system called NorthStar. NorthStar will help both users and providers of healthcare continuing education and quality improvement initiatives. It provides a range of information, checklists, examples and tools based on current research on how to best plan, use and evaluate continuing education and quality improvement work. It is a practical tool rather than an electronic textbook. NorthStar has been developed as a Microsoft Windows Help system, which allows us to make use of off-the-shelf functions provided by Windows. But we can also generate a platform-independent version of NorthStar directly from the Windows Help version, which means that NorthStar can be used with any modern browser. NorthStar now contains content and work from every aspect of the ReBEQI project, which has been linked to a wide range of other examples and resources from our own work and that of other groups. In this way NorthStar becomes a single tool for holding a huge amount of knowledge about quality improvement in healthcare.

NorthStar is flexible and dynamic and initially in English, French and Italian.

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