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MicroGrid security assessment

Dynamic security assessment provides a way to evaluate the robustness of the MicroGrid to survive a sudden disconnection from the MV network. Such a sudden change on the system’s operating conditions must be quickly and efficiently compensated by the micro sources in order to avoid large frequency excursions, which may trigger the existing frequency relays, causing the system to collapse.

Since the MicroGrid dynamic behaviour analysis is a complex and computational burden task, the evaluation is performed exploiting functional knowledge, generated off-line, and using machine-learning techniques. The generation of functional knowledge requires the analysis of the dynamic behaviour of the micro sources operating together in the Low Voltage network under several different predetermined operating conditions, for the situation - passage to islanded operating mode i.e. disconnection from the upstream Medium Voltage network.

In order to generate a representative learning set, a large number of dynamic simulations was performed in order to generate a sufficient amount of data to cover the set of possible operation points (different scenarios of load and distributed generation) for the MicroGrid. For each operating condition the security index maximum deviation in frequency is evaluated and kept.

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