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Local black start functions

If a system disturbance provokes a general black out such that the MicroGrid is not able to separate and continue in islanded mode, and if the MV system is unable to restore operation in a specified time, a first step in system recovery will be a local Black Start. The strategy to be followed involves a software module to be installed in the MGCC responsible for controlling the MC and the LC.

Two types of black-start functions were developed: local black-start of the MicroGrid after a general system blackout and MV grid reconnection during black-start. The strategies to be followed use the hierarchical control system of the MicroGrid and its communication facilities, namely LC, MC and the MGCC. The main problems to be dealt with include building the LV network, connecting micro-generators, controlling voltage, controlling frequency and connecting controllable loads.

During the restoration of the LV network, load-tracking problems will arise, since some micro generators (fuel-cells, micro turbines) have slow response and are inertia-less. Such a system requires some form of storage to ensure a fast energy balance between local generation and consumption.

A sequence of actions to be carried out during the MicroGrid Black Start was developed and tested through numerical simulation. For this purpose, a simulation platform under the MatLab/Simulink environment was developed in order to evaluate the dynamic behaviour of several micro sources and the corresponding power electronic interfaces operating together in a LV network. In order to analyse in a more detailed way the fast transients associated with the initial stages of the restoration procedure, an EMTP-RV software tool was used.

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