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Socio-economic evaluation of MicroGrids

- Different types of distribution networks were analysed and simulated under different operating scenarios, considering different power factors. The impact of Microgeneration was evaluated through the changes experienced in voltage profiles, power losses and branch congestions in these networks, assuming that the equivalent load consumption was reduced due to the connection of Microgeneration units to the LV grids.

- The analysis on the impact of Microgeneration was based on a methodology characterized by:
-- Simulation of Microgeneration connection to the network by reducing the value of active power at each node.

-- System evaluation, concerning voltage profiles, loss estimation and branch congestion analysis.

-The work focused mainly on the analysis of the influence of Microgeneration in energy distribution networks.

-The results obtained indicate that Microgeneration brings some interesting socio-economical and technical advantages for distribution system operation.

- It was seen that active power losses decrease significantly with the growth of Microgeneration penetration and consequently the corresponding cost is also strongly reduced. Concerning network congestion issues, it was observed that branch load can be significantly reduced considering a high percentage of Microgeneration penetration. In addition, a reduction in CO2 emissions can be achieved with high Microgeneration percentages.

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INESC Porto, Power Systems Unit
Campus da FEUP, Rua Dr. Roberto Frias 378
4200 465 PORTO
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