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Novel microsismic data analysis and interpretation methods

The scientific partner CNRS / EOST for its part calculated the locations of the events using the three-dimensional distributions of the sonic speeds considered as valid according to the evolution of the physical properties of the medium during stimulation and based on a tomographic study, using the recordings of 2250 events detected at the surface (magnitudes >-0.5). An example was published (obtained by this method) of the evolution over time of the speeds at a depth of 4600m in successive sets of 250 events. This method allowed sufficiently precise locations using only the EOST's surface recordings for the relations between the spatial distribution of the events and the major known tectonic structures in the substratum to become clear. An exemple was published showing the relationship between the major fault crossed by GPK3 (whose location, angle of inclination and azimuth are supplied by UBI logging), which absorbs 80% of the flow rate injected and the position of the first set of 250 events located in this way.

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