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Simulation tool for steady state and dynamic microgrid analysis (three-phase, asymmetrical)

The Microgrids simulation tool developed in MatLab-Simulink has the following features and capabilities:
- Steady state analysis in MatLab code provides initial conditions of the state variables of the connected sources. For the load flow analysis all possible types of sources can be included (PV, PQ, sources with no control capabilities).

- The dynamic analysis part is based in both MatLab and Simulink. Data handling, assignment of the initial values and output of results is performed in the main program coded in MatLab, whereas for the numerical integration Simulink is used.

- For the dynamic analysis, microsources are generally represented as balanced EMFs behind an impedance, neglecting stator transients.

- Several microsources can be integrated in the dynamic simulation with their respective electronic interfaces, like
-- Induction machines
-- Synchronous machines
-- Micro-turbines
-- Photovoltaic Systems
-- Fuel Cells
-- Wind Turbines
-- Batteries
-- Flywheels
-- Super capacitors, etc.

- It can be used for the dynamic simulation of LV microgrids either in grid-connected or in islanded mode of operation.

- LV networks with resistance comparable to or greater than reactance can be handled.

- Unbalanced network conditions, due to unsymmetrical sources, loads, series elements, faults etc. can be modelled and simulated.

- All basic neutral earthing schemes can be represented (TN-C, TN-S, TT, IT).

- Frequency domain representation (phasor approach) has been adopted for both the network and the sources to increase the simulation efficiency. Natural phase quantities (a-b-c) are used.

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