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Downhole logging tools and microsismic monitoring

The measurements made by Schlumberger to explore the network of natural fractures and the petrography in the terrain crossed by wells GPK3 and GPK4 have shown that the techniques used [oriented 6-arm calliper, HNGS), UBI)] are now perfectly operational in the conditions of the wells drilled at Soultz. Various adaptations of the downhole probes used to record the very low level microseismic activity generated by the hydraulic stimulations operations have led to improvement in the lifespan of such equipment placed in somewhat difficult observation conditions (temperatures of the order of 125ºC and depths of 1500m).

The probes available today, whether they are equipped with accelerometers or geophones, have been used throughout the duration of the operations necessary to the development of the hydraulic performances of well GPK4 (September 2004, then February - March 2005).

Nevertheless, the reliability of this equipment must be improved, even if it was possible to compensate in the meantime this leak of reliability by the number of deep wells equipped.

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G.E.I.E. Exploitation Minière de la Chaleur
Route de Soultz ē BP 38
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