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MicroGrid stability for different types and locations of disturbances

The main objective was to analyse the dynamic behaviour of a MicroGrid in interconnected (with a main Medium Voltage network) mode and in emergency (islanded) mode under fault conditions, i.e. in case of short-circuit, for instance. Several simulations were performed using the MatLab/Simulink simulation platform developed.

For simulation purposes, two different operating scenarios were considered: when the Microgrid is connected to the main MV network and when the Microgrid is operating in islanded mode. Plus, two different fault locations were considered: a fault on the main MV network and a fault inside the MicroGrid network. Several fault elimination times and fault resistance values were considered for the presented situations.
Also, the impact of load types on the dynamic behaviour of the MicroGrid was evaluated.

In addition, for the situations described, a comparison between the dynamic behaviour of the MicroGrid with and without the possibility of load-shedding was tested.
Special attention was paid to the influence of motor loads in the dynamic stability of the MicroGrid in fault situations.

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