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Towards understanding of microsismic nuisance during stimulation

Comprehension of the mechanisms, which, at Soultz, could generate the biggest microseismic events, is based on a faulting system proposed by the BRGM and the EOST. From this system it appears that it is shearing in the natural fissures "en echelon" internal to the large local "faults" (mapped by BRGM ) that are probably the tectonic source of the shearing plans determined as being the focal mechanisms mapped later by the EOST using its surface network. Such a system suggests that until now the maximum magnitudes of the seisms induced by the hydraulic stimulations at Soultz were limited by this phenomenon [which might be the cause of the shift observed for the stronger magnitudes. However, it cannot be asserted that this mechanism constitutes an absolute guarantee of safety rendering impossible a shearing along the main fault plane involving much larger surfaces capable, if they slip, of generating much more energetic and therefore more dangerous seisms.

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G.E.I.E. Exploitation Minière de la Chaleur
Route de Soultz ē BP 38
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