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Kinetics of the SCWG and SCWO for the TOC of tar-water mixtures

A mathematical model, based on the assumption of isothermal and isobaric plug flow, has been developed, to interpret the data produced at a laboratory scale on SCWO/G of the TOC content of tar-water mixtures. Gasification and oxidation of TOC have been described by an irreversible, first-order, Arrhenius rate reaction. The kinetic constant has been evaluated for the different tests together with the experimental residence time.

Then the construction of the Arrhenius plot has allowed the two kinetic parameters, A and E, to be estimated as: I) E=75.7kJ/mol, A=897 s-1 (gasification), II) E=76.3kJ/mol, A=7740 s-1 (oxidation).

The effects of catalysts have been extensively examined only at a pilot scale and thus an engineering evaluation of the reaction kinetics has been pursued. The chief assumption made is that the activation energy of the catalytic reactions is the same as previously evaluated for non-catalytic conversion.

Then the pre-exponential factor has been estimated, by solving the mass conservation equations, assuming that the temperature coincides with that experimentally measured, and requiring that the deviation between simulated and the measured conversion of the tar TOC is minimum. Evaluations have been obtained for the separate effects of active carbon, potash and ammonia on SCWG and of active carbon on SCWO of tar water mixtures.

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