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Methodology for integrated interpretation of seismic and non-seismic data

A methodology to increase the value of gravity, magnetic and electromagnetic data as an additional constraint to seismic data in complex reservoir situations has been developed. It has been based on the link between the physical parameters, density (gravity data), seismic velocity (seismic data) and electrical resistivity (MT data). Since, no numerical relationship has been established, an empirical relationship was investigated. This relationship was based on the analysis of well log data taken from the Rock Property Database (WP1).

The methodology exploits the fact that MT measurements in basalt environments can be shown to be sensitive to the over lying and sub basalt sediment layers and are relatively insensitive to changes in the basalt layer whilst the gravity response can be shown to be relatively insensitive to the upper and sub basalt sediment layers but is sensitive to changes in the basalt layer.

A joint approach using a quasi 2D joint inversion scheme greatly reduced the level of uncertainty in the inversion of the complete dataset. The subsequent inversion code (developed as part of Result 2) incorporates a 2D gravity response and an approximated 2D MT forward response consisting of a succession of 1D layered strips underneath each station. The method was tested using the 2D synthetic dataset compiled as part of WP1.

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