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Integrated MT data handling and interpretation module

Two methods for integrated of MT(EM) data handling were developed as part of the project. The first was a development of the commercially available ARKFIELD interpretation suite whilst the second was based on a bespoke software program specifically developed for the SIMBA project.

A method for the allowing for the simultaneous display of potential field and seismic data, together with seismic interpretations and gravity/magnetic models already existed within the ARKFIELD software. The ARKFIELD software was modified such that processed MT data could be also be displayed. A workflow was specifically developed such that the additional information from the MT data could be utilised to enhance the modelling of the basalt and sub-basalt structures. The workflow developed was tested using the 2D synthetic data and on the Isle of Skye demonstration site data.

As part of the investigation into the use of a joint interpretation/inversion scheme for seismic/non-seismic integration, developed within Result 4, a software program incorporating a 2D gravity response and an approximated 2D MT forward response was produced. The program was developed using the 2D synthetic data (WP1) and utilised for the processing of data collected from the main demonstration site (WP3 and WP5).

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