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Database of basalt physical properties

The database contains 13784 entries of data derived from flood basalts and associated rocks. The majority of the data was obtained from the Ocean Drilling Project. The data contains wireline derived physical rock property data including density, velocity, resistivity, and gamma ray measurements. In addition to the wireline-derived data additional parameters measured on ODP cores (e.g. magnetic susceptibility and geochemical information) were added to the database. In order to make comparisons between different areas and allow sampling of the data a number of identifiers have been added to the database where relevant. These include for example lithology, flow type and whether the flows were subaerial or submarine.

The aim of this database is to allow users to sample rock property data from the database in order to populate their models with realistic and relevant values. Individual values, ranges or distributions can be obtained easily from the database and statistic analysis performed on the data.

The data base has been made into a browsable format for the SIMBA web site by ARK. The database will be placed on the SIMBA website for people to download and use.

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