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Integrated case study from Skye - report, real and synthetic data, 3D model

This result is a case study on the amount and structure of basalt cover in northern Skye, NW Scotland. The investigation started from geological sections, which were mapped during the project, and interpretations of existing seismic and bore hole data. Additional gravity and MT data were acquired within the project and these were also processed and interpreted.

The aim is to look at the effectiveness of each technique at identifying the base-basalt layer in the subsurface on Skye. This is quantified by comparison of the result from each technique with the others and with known base basalt contacts from Bore hole and rock outcrops. The main result is a 3-D geological earth model of the structure of the basalt cover in northern Skye. This is relevant as it tests the ability of different geological and geophysical techniques to predict the same geological structure.

The case study has been written up for the final EU report for work package 1; the report will be available through the SIMBA website, and the model and data are also potentially available on request. Additionally 2 scientific papers relevant to the study have been published/submitted:

Richard T. Single & Dougal A. Jerram, 2004, The 3-D facies architecture of flood basalt provinces and their internal heterogeneity: examples from the Palaeogene Skye Lava Field. Journal of Geological Society 161, 911-926.

Hautot, S., Single, R.T., Watson, J., Harrop, N., Jerram, D. A., Tatris, P. & Whaler, K., 2005, 3D magnetotelluric inversion and model validation with gravity data for the investigation of large igneous provinces. Submitted to Geophysical Journal International (may 2005).

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University of Durham
Department of Geological Sciences, South Road
DH1 3LE Durham
United Kingdom
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