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Magnetotelluric data from the demonstration site, Faeroes-Shetland basin

Five new marine MT sensors were designed and built and tested at sea along a 2-D 17 sites profile. While the data from three sites have had to be temporarily put aside because of noise due to instrument motion, those from the other stations have allowed calculation of impedances for periods down to below 10s, which is exceptional for deep marine acquisition.

In this WP a 2D inverse modelling package was developed with specific features to allow for the marine context, that is, to permit current flow in the conductive water layer above/containing the receivers, and for the strong variations in bathymetry along the survey line. The inversion software was also modified to incorporate prior constraints derived from the seismic interpretation, and further constraints from the gravity data were incorporated. The results at this stage offer some new insight into the large-scale features of the profile. earing in mind that this was the first acquisition with the new instruments, and in an unusually deep marine setting, these results seem extremely satisfactory.

The marine MT data will be available at the SIMBA home page.

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