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3D Atlantic margins synthetic seismic and non-seismic data

A complete suite of synthetic geophysical data from a 3-D model based on geological information. These data provide a reference dataset for the development and quantitative evaluation of inversion strategies for imaging and interpretation of the Earth's subsurface in challenging area with significant basalt layers.

The 3-D model is based on real seismic data with the basalt layers being parameterised from mapping of exposed basalt sequences and rock physics from borehole logs drilled into basalt layers.

The synthetic data consist of seismic reflection data in shot gathers, the form in which it is acquired in the field, modelled using the elastic 'phase-screen' modelling approach, this method has a higher frequency content than equivalent finite difference codes used for the 2-D data and can e computed very efficiently. However, the synthetics are limited to pre-critical arrivals. Two versions of the data will be available both with and without the free surface multiple. A 3-D free-air gravity anomaly and a 3-D magnetics profile along with a number of synthetic magneto-telluric stations.

The datasets may be used individually or in combinations to test which of the original model's physical properties can be recovered by particular inversion algorithms and their accuracy and sensitivity.

Both the data and the original model will be publicly available.

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