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The biomass feeding concept for TUROW 670MWth CHP

The main target sector of this result is Power or Power-Heat generation sector equipped with CFB boilers.

Fluidised bed properties enable to fire a wide range of fuels of different sizes, shapes, moisture content and heating values. The general aim is to evaluate system to co-fire selected biomass with Polish brown coal in a CFB 670 boiler installed at Turów PS. The selection of biomass was based on local availability. The most suitable biomass that appeared was wood wastes, willow and straw. These biomasses were analysed and then their physical-chemical properties were determined to evaluate optimal storage and transporting system.

The important part in the problem of co-combustion biomass with coal is to evaluate optimal feeding system by taking into account combustion parameters of the blends, fire safety of possible installations, investment, operational costs, and the local conditions.

The two feeding systems of biomass to the CFB boilers were considered as the most suitable for CFB670 boiler according with the estimation analysis of selected criteria. Both systems transport biomass via fuel gallery resulting in dosing of mixture of biomass and lignite to combustion chamber. These feeding systems differ the storing of biomass near the lignite gallery and consequently the cost of systems.

The feasibility study of biomass co-firing systems in CFB670 carried out for two selected feeding system, exhibited that the project is economically effective in every variant, i.e., with 10% and 20% of biomass.

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