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Fuel blending strategies for ToMe emission optimisation

A cost-effective way to reduce the emission of toxic metals (ToMes) from industrial combustion plants is by primary measures, which do not require (large) process modifications or additional equipment. One such measure involves making use of fuel blends with minimum ToMe emission. In this project fuel blends were tested for interactions, yielding lower ToMe emissions than would be predicted based on a mass-mean ToMe concentration in the blend. Identified interactions were translated into fuel blending rules.

The dissemination of the results to the end users - the power producers - is direct and continuous, considering their participation in the project. The potential for use is very high due to the low cost involved with the implementation. The key innovative features of the result lie in new knowledge about interactions between very different fuels such as coal and biomass/waste. The expected benefit flowing from the use of this result is, mainly, a further extension of the envelope of fuels that can be used, especially low quality fuels and residues, without compromising economical or environmental constraints.

The result is summarised in a confidential deliverable report "Fuel blending strategies for the enhanced removal of ToMe" which is available for the project consortium on the project website.

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