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Sustainability Assessment Tool (RESCUE-SAT)

RESCUE developed a Sustainability Assessment Tool (SAT) as instrument to assess the sustainability of a brownfield regeneration projects. RESCUE recommends that public funding for brownfield regeneration projects should be predicated upon a presumption that sustainability objectives will be adhered to. This would be a remarkable innovation and could contribute significantly to a more efficient use of public money and to an improvement in the quality of brownfield regeneration projects. The SAT has been developed by RESCUE for this purpose.

There are three steps to assess the sustainability of a brownfield redevelopment project:
- Actor collaboration to set priorities on aspects of sustainability: The relative importance of the objec-tives has to be defined for each individual brown-field project the actors have to set priorities on aspects of sustainability. This will happen by means of a workshop.

- Funding application by the project developer: On the basis of the weighed aspects of sustainability and all sustainability objectives the project devel-oper elaborates a funding application.

- Quantified assessment model for decision making: The application has to be assessed by a funding institution. The EU or the funding agency will have to judge how sustainable the project is and how the public priorities were taken into ac-count.

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