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Guide to the Managers (Brochure)

Together with a free-lance journalist the major outcomes and recommendations of SIBER will be formulated in an easily understandable brochure. The brochure will summarize the major outcomes of SIBER and demonstrate the importance of DSi in the ecosystem functioning of the Baltic Sea and provide managers with a document to enhance their knowledge regarding nutrient cycling.

The following topics are to be handled;
- What is presently known about the role of diatoms in the Baltic Sea ecosystems;
- Reason for concern about the future;
- Which factor regulate diatom production;
- What do we know about the factors behind alterations in phytoplankton species composition in the Baltic;
- Can we control these factors;
- Will sediment archives uncover the last centuries;
- Are the pristine conditions still achievable;
- Are the observed changes in Si cycles an exclusive problem for the Baltic.

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