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Improved, modular, flexible, coupled physical-ecological modelling tools useful for management of ecosystems with shellfish culture

Within MaBenE, emphasis was on management of ecosystems with large shellfish cultures by using mathematical modelling tools that take into account the complicated interaction of physical and biological processes.

We have developed a set of mathematical model modules representing the physics of the system (hydrodynamics, turbulence characteristics, waves, SPM dynamics) as well as the biogeochemical processes (related to phytoplankton, nutrients, zooplankton, mussels). For most processes different formulations of different complexity have been made.

The modules are formulated in such a way that they can be linked to several hydrodynamic models, and in different combinations with each other. Standards for this linking have been formulated. All modules have been formulated as zero-dimensional process models, depending on the hydrodynamic and transport model for transporting concentrations.

Simulations can be performed in 0, 1, 2 and 3D. The hydrodynamic models are made for estuarine conditions and represent flooding/drying of tidal flats.

We have made implementations of the modelling tool for Limfjorden (DK), Oosterschelde (NL) and Ria de Vigo (ES), which we intend to exploit further within the consortium. However, application to other systems is quite feasible. The software is open-source. Partners (BBH and IST) can provide services to potential users. These partners can also provide services for a full implementation of the modelling tools to specific questions in these or in other ecosystems.

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