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LEDA Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: EVR1-CT-2002-40022
Gefördert unter: FP5-EESD
Land: Germany

A database of plant traits of the flora of Northwest Europe, collated from national database initiatives, literature sources and additional measurements, comprising three key features of plant dynamic

A consolidated LEDA-species list was constructed. A relational database schema has been developed based on the LEDA data standards, refined, and was loaded onto the database system. LEDA Data Standards were developed and published in handbook format as well as online in August 2005.

The standards include information on the functional relevance of each LEDA plant trait, their data formats and a protocol for the collection and measurement of the trait. More than 300000 records for 32 traits have been collected from databases incorporated (merged) in LEDA, published and unpublished sources, and additional measurements. A online user interface for data input is developed according to biological and technical requirements, tested by project members and further refined.

The web-based data retrieval interface and a web-based tool allowing generating of detailed reports on the amount and nature of data present in the Traitbase was designed and implemented. Methodology for data mining of the Traitbase data and standards for aggregation of the plant trait data have been developed.

The LEDA Traitbase has been designed to expand after the project period. For this an e-networking platform was developed to support the data input as well as the interaction between external data contributors, data reviewers and the LEDA editorial board have been developed and documented. Several case studies have been re-analysed to demonstrate the applications of the LEDA Traitbase on the national, regional and habitat scale.

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Landscape Ecology Group (Faculty 5), University of Oldenburg
Carl-von-Ossietzky-Strasse 9-11
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