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Collection of 891 extracts with the potential of producing compounds of economical interest

Instituto Biomar, S.A. carried out the fermentation of a group of strains isolated either at I. Biomar or by some of the partners. The distribution of the strains among the different collaborating groups was as follows:

Instituto Biomar (351 strains), University of Barcelona (79), Plymouth Marine Laboratory (385), University of Bergen (144), University Miguel Hernández (4), and the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (15).

The strains were fermented in different media depending on whether they were actinomycetes or not. This first fermentation was carried out in flask at a small scale (30 or 40 ml). All the broths were freeze-dried and then extracted with a solvent mixture design to extract metabolites in a broad range of polarities. Aliquots of these extracts were analysed for their cytotoxic activity while the rest was kept in store for chemical de-replication studies.

This extract collection was the starting point for the detection of compounds having potential economic interest. The most relevant activity addressed in the Miracle project was the antitumor (cytotoxic) activity, but other activities will be studied in the future.

The antitumor (cytotoxic) activity was assayed against four tumor cell lines. The tumor lines were A549 (lung cancer), H116 (colon), PSN1 (pancreas) and T98G (glyoma). The activity was measured by the MTT proliferation assat.

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