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Guidelines and Recommendations for Antifouling Strategies

The most promising techniques for prevention of biofouling on marine sensors have been investigated in the project. Due to the complexity of the biofouling process which depends on the season, the location (arctic, temperate, tropic) and on the water type (estuary, coast, open ocean) the process of choosing the appropriate antifouling strategy (single method or a combination of different methods) for a special type of sensor is complex as well. In order to aid a potential user a web-based software selection tool has been developed.

The user is guided through a “decision tree” and finally reaches recommendation for his special application (single antifouling method). In addition, another tool shows which combinations of antifouling methods are valid and which should be avoided.

The tools together with information on BRIMOM results and literature citations are disseminated through a website which will be maintained and updated for several years.

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