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Establishing educational center for public, students and researchers on ecology and ecophysiology of marine invertebrates

In the course of the project BALTDER educational center for students, scientists and public on ecology and ecophysiology of marine invertebrates was established. Following activities were done:
- 17 scientific lectures for UE experts organized by BALTDER

- 2 practical courses ?Marine Biology and Ecology  for foreigner students organized for Denmark’s International Study Program.

The research carried out within the BALTDER WP6 was presented to the public during I, II and III Baltic Festival of Science were following activities were carried out:
- Ecological competition for secondary school boys and girls “Advertise the Baltic fauna” and a training course for winners on cruise at the r/v “Oceanograf-2”.

- An educational trail in the Natural Reserve “Kępa Redłowska” for grammar-school boys and girls.

- A stand “Do you know what organisms live in the Baltic Sea?” with alive organisms and painting competition was also displayed. About 3000 people, mainly children with parents visited our stand.

Two educational calendars as well as leaflets were printed. An educational trail in the Natural Reserve Kępa Redłowska is prepared which is available at the Internet website

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