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BALDER Summer School (BSS)

The BALTDER Summer Schools is a series of one-week self-contained programs of intensive study on various aspects of the functioning of marine and coastal environments, including primary production and system productivity, ecotoxicology of pollutant contaminants, physiology and biodiversity in estuarine and coastal organisms.

The courses are given by European experts who have considerable experience in marine biology and ecology. The Summer School includes undergraduate units of study from degree programs and is open to students, young researchers and coastal managers from eastern and western European countries to facilitate research and educational cross-border links at a pan-European scale.

By relating most current and important European issues in marine sector to common public concerns such as human’s health, economic importance and sustainable management of coastal regions, direct links are underlined between scientific knowledge on the functioning of marine systems and its socio-economic relevance.
Thus, the topics might be of potential interests to local authorities, managers and people responsible for development of human activities in coastal areas (e.g. shipping, fishery and tourism).

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