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Establishing close cooperation with other EU laboratories working in the field of toxic cyanobacteria

In the course of the project a closer co-operation with EU laboratories carrying out research on cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins has been established. It was mainly through such activities as:
- Conferences, seminars and workshops organized by BALTDER;

- Contribution of WP3 members to different events organized by foreign institutions (e.g. ICSE working group meetings);

- Visits to other EU laboratories, training of young researchers in Helsinki, Berlin, Oldenburg and Dundee;

- Contribution of foreign researchers to our national projects and papers on toxic cyanobacteria.

Special efforts were made to strengthen contacts with the Baltic countries, with some success in the case of Finland, Germany, Latvia and Sweden.

During the project we aimed at building our capacity to be a reliable partner in the future contacts. The experience gained through the above mentioned events helped us to increase the standard of our research work.

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