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Experimental testing of GH using "Anaximander" natural sediment

An experimental setup was constructed for the formation and dissociation of gas hydrates confined in natural and artificial sediments at 20 MPa. It consists of a 15-inch core holder and two piston vessels.

Natural sediment is confined in the core holder at controlled compaction and pore pressures. The temperature is controlled by a cooling jacket connected with a temperature controlling bath.

Preliminary testing was conducted in collaboration with Heriot Watt University of Edinburgh in order to assess the mechanical behaviour of the natural sediment at several pressures and its relation with the hydrate formation within the sediment pores. The results reveal a significant shift of pressure, at which the sediment remains in the elastic region, when gas hydrates form in the sediment pore space.

By conducting these tests, the necessary experience and competence were gained for testing and studying multi-component gas hydrates, contained in natural and artificial porous media.

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Technical University of Crete
Politechneioupolis, Hania
73100 Chania
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