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Equipment and utilities for transportation and testing of pressurized samples

In order to transfer barophilic micro-organisms from field work, a special inexpensive vessel was designed. The vessel has a volume capacity of 200 cc, it is lightweight and equipped with a manometer and a valve.

The main advantages of this equipment are:
- It can be operated by a single person.

- It is suitable for work on any ship deck, where several scientific processes are running in parallel.

- It is safe, as it is pressurized to the set value of 20 MPa by pure water using a very compact HPLC pump.

- It maintains the pressure with a small gas cap.

- It can be quickly and easily depressurized and accessed, to minimize the time that samples remain at atmospheric pressure.

Six vessels of this type were manufactured and used during Anaximander project.

The pressurized sample 100cm length and 8cm diameter -, which was retrieved during the 2nd cruise of the project with the MAC piston corer (designed and manufactured by TUB-MAT) was subjected to a CT scan in Athens.

In order to maintain and transport the pressurized (13 MPa) core sampler at constant temperature, a refrigerator was modified and adjusted in a small truck easy to handle by two persons and suitable for urban transportation. Subsequently, the refrigerator was used for storing the pressurized sample under constant temperature at the IGME premises.

In case the pressurized sample contained in situ formed gas hydrates, a procedure was determined for the transportation of the pressurized sampler to the TUC premises.

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