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Project ID: EVK3-CT-2002-00067
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-EESD
País: Denmark

Retrieval algorithm of sea ice concentration from passive (SSM/I) and active (QuikSCAT) satellite microwave sensors

Intercomparison of 7 passive microwave ice concentration algorithms against each other and against reference data derived from ship observations and Synthetic Aperture Radar.

The result quantifies the performance of these algorithms at high ice concentrations and makes it possible to assess the uncertainty due to variations in ice/snow surface radiative properties.

This finding has implications in climate monitoring, when passive microwave ice concentration retrievals are to be reconciled with e.g. ice chart data and in operational applications when passive microwave ice concentration retrievals are to be assimilated in meteorological and oceanographic models.

Reported by

Danish Meteorological Institute
Lyngbyvej 100
2100 Copenhagen
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