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Real time assimilation system of humidity and temperature information from satellite microwaves radiometers into the HIRLAM NWP model

If brought to operational application (which is beyond the scope of this project) the results should improve operational weather forecasts, helping to improve the living conditions in Northern Europe and especially human off shore activities in the Arctic region, such as navigation, fisheries, tourism, and exploitation of marine mineral resources. Increase prosperity and strengthen security in Northern Europe.

Greater confidence in short and medium term weather predictions which will benefit the entire population of this region, the environment through improved risk management possibilities and better disaster control. Reliable forecasts are the first step in risk management and disaster control whether in the marine environment, the atmosphere or on land, and all economic activities and developments. It is important in making decisions on capital expenditure regarding investments in industry and infrastructure.

Improved weather forecasts for Northern Europe, in particular over areas weak coverage of conventional meteorological observations, which are over or close to Arctic sea ice.

Improved weather forecasts for Northern Europe - especially for precipitation.

Enhance value of data of meteorological European satellites because sensors similar to AMSU-B are planned on future METOP satellites.

Pave the way for optimum use of future METOP.

Surface flux
Improved weather forecasts for Northern Europe and especially of clouds in the Arctic.

Efforts to make results useful, e.g., implement in HIRLAM, NWP-SAF and validation reports.

Forecasts, reports on implementation and validation, SAF visiting scientists.

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