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Manual of a European system approach for sustainable Brownfield regeneration

The Manual of a European System Approach for Sustainable Brownfield Regeneration was designed to conclusively integrate RESCUE¡¦s validation feedback into a holistic system approach that may be used throughout the European Community as well as in EU accession States.

The manual is structured as follows:
- Introduction
- Guidance for Project Managers
- Guidance for Landowners, Developers and Planners
- Guidance for Policymakers, Regulators and Citizens
- Guidance for Contractors, Designers and Professional Advisors
- Guidance for the use of Incentives and Economic Tools/Funding Criteria
- The Virtual Training Centre and the Sustainability Assessment Tool
- Conclusions, Key Recommendations and Integrative Expectations

The manual was designed to;
Address the needs of the brownfield regeneration industry in the form of clear, non-scientific, useful and significant guidance to support sustainable urban regeneration.

Integrate practices employed by all practitioners and stakeholders, supported by tools and case study examples, so that the brownfield regeneration process can reliably assume a sustainable direction.

Highlight deficiencies in the brownfield regeneration process and propose remedies.

It is addressed to:
- Designers
- Contractors
- Regulators
- Public sector policy makers
- Stakeholders
- Developers
- Planners
- Citizens
- Professional advisors

The manual is therefore a substantial decision making tool for all parties involved in the brownfield regeneration process. It provides checklists, objectives, indicators, tools and examples of best practice that have been evaluated and validated within RESCUE against end-user needs which were established earlier in the project by questionnaires. Economic tools for the enhancement of brownfield regeneration are proposed, together with decision making tools for funding organisations at the sub-regional, regional, national, and European level.
The manual is available in English, Polish, German, French and Russian.

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