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Criteria and indicators for sustainable brownfield regeneration

Workpackage 1: Development of an Analytical Sustainability Framework for the Context of Brownfield Regeneration in France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom

WP 1 results of RESCUE will be published in May 2005 in the internet. Moreover they are part of the RESCUE-Manuel and of different other publications.

WP1 established the political, legal, social and economic framework of the participating countries and project regions to provide a comparative context for selected project case studies.

The basis for project analysis are two brownfield sites in every participating country. WP1 built a framework for the selection criteria to serve as basis for the decision of the Steering Committee to select the eight case study sites.

The workpackage developed a set of sustainability indicators that can be used to benchmark the success of sustainable brownfield redevelopment. The suitability of indicators and indicator sets is checked in the run of the eight case studies. Objectives and indicators may be subject to changes due to first results of their application in the field, i.e. this process includes a series of feed back loops between objectives, indicators and a best practice approach.

Further, WP 1 developed together with partners from other RESCUE-WPs a Sustainability Assessment Tool (SAT) as instrument to assess the sustainability of a brownfield regeneration projects.

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