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Proceedings of the conference reports

The 6th International Conference on Self-Formation Theory and Applications as one of major promotion and dissemination instruments of the project was held in Vilnius on November 26-28 of the year 2003. Established Conference web site is available at http://www.self-formation/conference.

The main objectives of the Conference were:
- Promotion and dissemination within EU of the knowledge acquired during the past 20 years in the field of Self-Formation, both conceptual and application-specific.

- Providing an opportunity for the scientists from Lithuania, Baltic region and EU to exchange scientific ideas and facilitate co-operation in the field of Self-Formation and applications.

Researchers, students and business representatives from EU-15 (currently EU-25), NAS and non-EU countries including USA and Canada attended the Conference. 86 authors submitted 47 papers. Conference Proceedings were published through a reputable scientific publisher - Trans Tech Publications Ltd on periodical Solid State Phenomena (covered in Science Citation Index and available in full text on the web), Volumes 97-98, ISBN 3-908450-85-3 and are available on-line as well. Printed Conference Proceedings were distributed to conference participants and disseminated among research and University Libraries in EU and non-EU countries including leading USA universities libraries. This way the information on Self-Formation theoretical and application driven topics are reachable for very broad not only Europe-wide, but also world-wide audience.

Main users of the proceedings are researchers, technologists, students.

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