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Novel Optical Fibre Formulations

Special silica and glass optical with inverted-graded and step-index fibbers are designed and prepared in the Institute which are employed as substrates for the application of detection layers sensitive to oxygen and glucose.
Commercially available plastic optical fibbers are used for the same purpose, too. Detection layers prepared by the sol-gel method are applied onto the substrates by the dip-coating method. The sensitivity of the layers to the analytes is determined by using laboratory set-ups by employing fluorescence changes of Ru transducers due to the analytes, which are measured in the reflection arrangement. Commercially available plastic and silica couplers are used in these set-ups. Fibber-optic elements sensitive to gaseous and dissolved air or to glucose in a concentration range of 0.1-2 mM have been fabricated The technology of the preparation of sensing fibbers and data on their sensitivity create the basis for the development of intrinsic fibber-optic sensors for the oxygen and glucose detection in biotechnological processes.

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Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, AS CR
182 51 PRAGUE
Czech Republic
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