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Laboratory Demonstrator of Novel Sensing Technologies

Optical sensor system for fluorescence lifetime measurement was developed in the project. Sensor uses high sensitive photo multiplier tube (PMT) as detector of fluorescence signal. System is able to use intrinsic and extrinsic sensor probe too. High-speed synchronous principle of detection is able to eliminate optical interference (ambient light). There are measured fluorescence intensities in several times during fluorescence decaying. The unique data processing method was developed to obtain low noise results.
Measurement parameters were optimised in order to get good system response, sensitivity and resolution. It was confirmed that this process was very important to get real fluorescence lifetime changes measurement. Two systems were developed in the project one channel and multi-channel. One channel system was adapted for industrial use. Extrinsic sensor probe using plastic optical fibres was used. Silica or PMMA lens with prepared sensing layer (ORMOCER) were placed in removable probe cap. Sensor was installed at industrial partner Moorepark during project. The second one multi-channel system is able to detect a few different analytes. This system is tested in laboratory bioreactor (installed at ICPF). It is possible to effective evaluating of new prepared ORMOCER layers.

There are a few responses from industry and research institutions from Czech Republic.
These institutions are interested in testing the system in their processes.

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