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Laboratory test protocol for assessing the vibration performance of seats equipped with horizontal suspensions

The extensive experience of the VIBSEAT partners in the development and use of standards and the knowledge of leading European suspension seat manufacturers have facilitated the development of a laboratory test protocol for assessing the performance of seats equipped with suspensions for the attenuation of shocks and vibrations in horizontal axes. The development of the protocol has led to significant progress in the understanding of methods of testing the performance of seats in horizontal directions.

The test protocol includes sections on each of the following:Test rig, seats, persons and posture / Excitation signals / Measurements / Test progress / Criteria / Report content / Incertainty estimation in measurements / Seat behaviour analysis guide.

The proposed test protocol has been evaluated by the partners in laboratory tests to ensure that the test method is viable. Discussions of field and laboratory studies undertaken for the project have led to the provision of a relevant protocol, leading the way to appropriate future studies on Criteria / Shock excitations / Rotational vibrations / Multi-axis excitations and analysis / Continuous solicitations ergonomics criteria / Test persons and posture / Range of signal.

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