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Catalytic formulation able to oxidize, in post-plasma location, VOC pollutants, CO and to eliminate ozone

Four different catalysts [porous alumina (Al2O3), manganese oxide supported over porous alumina (MnO2/Al2O3; Mn=8.8 wt%), gold supported over zinc oxide (Au/ZnO; Au=0.3wt%) and N150 (Industrial catalyst, Süd Chemie)] have been tested in ozone and VOC (toluene) removal from air.

The catalysts were located downstream to the plasma reactor. The best results in toluene removal were obtained with MnO2/Al2O3. The best results in ozone removal were obtained with Au/ZnO. This catalyst is also the best one regarding the carbon balance in toluene removal (more than 90% of the toluene removed from the gas phase is transformed into CO2)
Regarding these results, the final catalysts would have to contain two kinds of active phase:
- Gold (nanodispersed gold particles) for CO2 selectivity and ozone removal
- Manganese oxide for toluene conversion.

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