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Microdevices produced with GaPO4

GaPO4 is a very promising material. The properties of the piezoelectric crystals can be compared with quartz. Thus similar processing technologies can be applied to make small samples. In detail are some problems because of the difference in the hardness of the crystals. Thus most manufacturing processes had to be optimised.
The smallest samples were cut to a size of 1.24x0.50x0.25 mm3 with tolerances of +/- 0.005 mm in length or width and +/-0.0002 mm only in thickness.
The last process can be obtained only with the lap process by the use of a very fine grain. Further improvements of the polishing process were obtained. Excellent polished samples of 10 mm in diameter and a thickness of 0.15 mm were manufactured. Well-polished samples (14 mm diameter and 0.12 mm thickness) were produced also. The last two kinds of samples were fabricated with a cylindrical grinding machine, especially adapted to GaPO4. This led to excellent edges without chipping.

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