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Aeroelasticity Project Database

Experiences from previous projects, where many different partners were involved with different cultural and technical backgrounds, have highlighted the need to ensure common definitions and evaluations are used or carried out. This is to be enforced by creating a specific task for this purpose.

A previous Framework 4 project (ADTurB, ref. BRPR-CT95-0124) established a common database including the definition of neutral data formats, and interrogation / post-processing facilities. This database contains all of the data generated during the project, securely stored electronically with password protection but is accessible to all partners via the Internet.

This project built on the results and experiences within the ADTurB project and will benefit from this approach and from the investment that has already been made. It has therefore been decided to establish a data integration work package for ADTurBII. This database will be extended with the experimental and numerical results of the present project. The choice of data to be stored was based on a re-evaluation of requirements & lessons learnt in ADTurB.

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